👨‍🎨 Why NFTs Don’t Help Artists

    hi what'' s up what'' s your child what ' s up sorry. scratch i ' m doing today uh we ' re gon na talk regarding nfts what the heck are you nfcs that'' s an. outstanding concern let'' s uh let ' s discover this for a 2nd good i'' m gon na do a quick split.
    screen i want you to see what this is i'' m gon na try my best to clarify it yet i ' ll be straightforward with.
    you it'' s puzzling for me to discuss i comprehend it however it'' s look it ' s cryptocurrency crap alright.'i i ' ll tell my opinion by the end all appropriate i guarantee you that allow me discuss to you what.
    an nft is it implies none fungible token all right none fungible token it'' s a cryptocurrency all.
    right you comprehend that that'' s basically what it is what you do is you get these
    little. coins with your reality cash you make use of reality money to purchase electronic money all right you''
    re. adhering to in order to spend for photos such as this fine do things like this there'' s this there ' s. numerous them around but this is like not also the idea of the iceberg yet fine just this.
    things why people pay for them you axe it'' s called a cash money get my buddy a cash grab that ' s what. it is i ' ll be truly straightforward with you right now'i wear ' t like nfts but here ' s my major. reason what you ' re basically doing is you ' re attempting to get uh what do you call a a claim. right into something that ' s original but it ' s actually not see'what i ' m
    saying what you ' re basically. doing is you ' re auctioning off for a jpeg or a gif or jiffy whatever or ping or j whatever. guy simply look at this simply look at this actual quick like there are some really great ones out. there like appearance this'right here i like that'that ' s really sort of awesome that'' s legit you. understand i mean that ' s quite legitimate i ain ' t gon na exist there are some great ones around'here ' s the. thing though there ' s musicians incidentally who are making these for make a living and also all that they. desire to generate income i'completely understand that hell i ' m tempted myself the major issue with it though.'allow ' s state along with me it ' s called copyright you understand what copyright is ideal copyright for.
    those that wear'' t truly know'also well it ' s the right of a copy
    from the original you'see what. i ' m claiming that ' s an issue a lot of these musicians don ' t actually uh label their job or they do once again. that ' s so it ' s still murky see i ' m saying your base individuals are paying for an image that currently. exists so all these'photos i ' m showing you right currently these are nfts that are on sale today.
    a lot of these are on sale look at that take a look at that look you see this [__] toys are shed toys.
    on this it'' s an nft too like what what this [__] hitler is it nft what what kind of [__] you ' re wilding out man you are wilding out alright for me as an artist i recognize who are. doing it since they can make use of the auction off because when you auction off right fine well you. follow me right currently when you when the public auction is off and the person has the photo they can offer off. that image again and also the person they originally purchased it from that be the artist they obtain the.
    kickback money that'' s why artists are doing it like guy alex what let me show you this [__]
    hold on let me reveal you this hang on a sec now inspect this out this artist right below alex ross.
    well-known artist widely known around the globe understood best understood for dc comics uh art work and also.
    whatnot i admire this man he is a terrific musician there is indisputable he is just one of the best he is.
    the very best he'' s been offering nft i fully recognize that below'' s things though'it ' s sort of scammy. i ' m simply gon na state it'it'' s scammy it ' s very terrifying i put on ' t telephone call these non-fungible symbols i
    call that. naf fam nah [__] nah nah i excuse cussing many times i don ' t also state it like that i.
    truly wear'' t however what you'doing i ' m not faulting a man for making his money you make your cash bro.
    hell i was tempted at one indicate make nft till i sort of recognized something they put on'' t possess the. initial job they would certainly you want a digital documents yet you understand what i can have my very own digital documents.
    as well completely free we'' re gon na get a free entity it ' s called download the photo download and install the image. individuals is a fraud it'' s a directly rip-off yet primarily for a fraud for abundant individuals though or not it'' s. primarily richmond that get it since they wish to display that'' s it it ' s what we call dick swing.
    y'' all it'' s a craze it ' s dying fast as well as some are already taking out early like take a look at this [__]
    hold on this right below is nft like the artwork is not that negative below'' s an issue though you can see.
    this artist job in the future they'' re all literally the same i mean like all right i'' m not attempting to dis. on it too difficult but unimaginative i ' ll put you that way i i do appreciate the artists that in fact do try.
    i'' ve seen some like magnificent ones there'' s some there ' s some dope butt ones around like fire as.
    hell there'' s all i ' m gon na market it all you ' re not you ' re marketing a duplicate okay i ' m not trying to [__.] on your grind i'' m not i ' ve been to do one myself yet the trouble is it doesn'' t feel'straightforward that ' s. my issue with it that'' s what that ' s my main issue with it it does not really feel honest male do you.
    do even more research studies on it also but also for what i'' m seeing i i can'' t do it i can'' t do it i don ' t desire to. do it okay they do they make their stuff they earn their money all that things they do but.
    it'' s just it ' s a cash money grab obtain quick system thing it'' s i i don ' t like that it ' s nah nah [__]. that'. that ' s that ' s my word for today not [__] that wear'' t put on ' t do it just simply artists around who.
    are tempted if you go ahead and also do it i suggest great you do you bro yet nah i can'' t great
    folks. keep in mind to register for the network when you can as well as please sign up with the channel also i got do you desire.
    to obtain like a complimentary artwork for me try signing up with the channel that could in fact aid you a great deal turn.
    the channel go go ahead i got splits all scott rips my patreon i'' ll flash on the display they''
    re. possibly going whoa like that genuine quick whatever we'' ll figure it out and also yes by the way i also.
    obtained my uh art store up and also running also my site check that out when you.
    can incidentally believe me i obtained my art payments prepared to go i got a merch store prepared to go you.
    can look into my things uh earlier videos for my network if you want whatever you intend to finish with.
    it i leave it approximately you brother so i'' ll leave you alone uh i have a fantastic one people and please.
    wear'' t mess with no nfts brother wear'' t don'' t do it put on ' t do it oh no click the next video clip when.
    you can okay all appropriate goodbye so style.

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