hey there what'' s up welcome back to the network as well as.
    today we'' re gon na do some uh bitcoin talk on this channel so as we can see on the graph like.
    bitcoin attempted really tough to uh break the 200ma twice previously this month i suggest on in the in the.
    month of july but it could not damage that 200 moving ordinary but like recently uh like today a.
    bitcoin break broke above 200 ma and also now this this is now this can be suggesting to some to a wonderful.
    up activity that might be coming soon so this is respectable information for all the bitcoin holders.
    since this is going to bring a change in the cost of the bitcoin so so you see the yellow line.
    so this yellow line is the 200 moving average or we can state 200 ma so currently so so as we can see uh.
    bitcoin simply like just crossed above 200 moving average as well as according to experts whenever a.
    crypto cross breaks over 200 moving typical it suggests that bull run 2.0 is coming indeed yes you.
    heard me appropriate bull run 2.0 will certainly be happening quickly so now this so currently this 200 relocating average will.
    work as the support and also and this this 200 moving standard will sustain the price of bitcoin as well as and.
    as well as according to me the following 2 rate so the next resistance might be at forty 9 thousand forty.
    9 thousand uh one hundred bucks and as well as if we go across over forty 9 thousand one hundred buck.
    resistance then the then after that the 2nd next resistance would be fifty thousand 5 hundred.
    so nearly fifty thousand five hundred so these are the other 2 resistance degrees that might occur.
    so let me let me show you it by zooming it in all right so so indeed the yellow line is 200 relocating.
    typical and also we crossed over this line as we can see i i i have zoomed out it for you so you.
    can easily see what'' s occurring in the market so we just went across above 200 relocating.
    ordinary and this is huge for bitcoin and now we can be seeing the resistance at forty.
    nine thousand one hundred bucks yes this is really much possible so we we may stop so bitcoin.
    price could combine for a while at forty nine thousand hundred buck and then it might uh.
    con combine at the following resistance at fifty thousand 5 hundred dollar yes that'' s quite. much the possibility that i'' m seeing now in the marketplace as well as on the right we have the ethereum.
    graphes and also ethereum is also doing respectable currently at 31 uh 3 150 bucks so ethereum'' s. been doing rather wonderful throughout the weekend so on 9th of august the 3m break virtually 7.
    percent in just six hours so it'' s quite excellent so if the ethereum is currently doing quite.
    great so ethereum is above the 200 moving average for some time so this is a good indication.
    that ethereum is extremely bullish right now as well as the bull run could not finish quickly and.
    ethereum could go over 35 000 whenever zoom so okay so the next resistance for ethereum.
    could be all right so now ethereum might uh quit at 40 uh 3 400 bucks so the next.
    resistance level for ethereum is 3447. fine so keeping that said currently allow'' s relocate to the. really very really very crucial bitcoin news that is mosting likely to influence them bitcoin prices so cnet.
    reject declines modification to brand-new crypto tax obligation guidelines in 1.2 trillion framework bill.
    in spite of lawmaker billionaire pushback all right so so cnet just recently came out with an.
    framework expense that included some uh regulations on crypto brokers.
    so this news has been really taking the crypto market um by big fluctuations.
    so before i state anything else allow me reveal you this good news video from cnbc carl the us senate.
    has gotten to an arrangement on language that would certainly make clear those brand-new irs reporting needs.
    for cryptocurrencies in the infrastructure expense there have actually been concern that certain components of the.
    industry could be spared from those rules while others would certainly go through it today senator rub.
    toomey claims that the new language will certainly concentrate on the definition of a broker and also he claimed that the.
    broker would be specified as those who perform purchases on an exchange where crypto assets.
    are gotten as well as sold which that language would help avoid various other gamers like node drivers.
    stakers validators from obtaining scooped in these policies as well he claimed that this is not a.
    ideal option yet that it'' s absolutely far better than the initial message of the costs he stated it has.
    support from democratic legislator mark warner that had sent a contending amendment around this.
    he said it likewise has the assistance of the treasury division also so we will see if this new.
    contract on clearing up the language for cryptos really gets a vote in the us senate prior to the.
    expense passes in its last type perhaps early tomorrow early morning however, for currently the us senate has.
    reached an arrangement on language clearing up exactly who would be covered by these brand-new.
    cryptocurrency coverage requirements in the irs so i hope you obtained what she was attempting to state shows.
    so actually so what she attempting to say is that the the us senate brought out a new meaning of.
    brokers so brokers are the individuals uh means i'' m sorry brokers are the uh exchange that conduct.
    cryptocurrencies purchases acquire sell and as well as relatable so the other gamers like node validate.
    validators stakers they won'' t be impacted by this brand-new crypto regulation expense so that i hope you.
    got what she was trying to claim so the following huge news that is coming relating to bitcoin is that amc.
    the globe'' s biggest media theater modification so amc is a firm that has uh a lot of that has a large.
    chain of cinema around the globe and also and their business is especially rather big in u.s.
    so they have a chain of cinema and now they'' re stating that they will approve bitcoin.
    as a payment for movie tickets by the end of this year so by the end of 2021 amc american.
    amusement or american american media firm i indicate they will allow bitcoin as a repayment so.
    bitcoin being the world'' s greatest cryptocurrency now they will accept bitcoin as a settlement method.
    for their for for getting flick tickets for amc theaters so this is a quite bullish news for.
    bitcoin so this news is going to create a lot of great points in the crypto market so this.
    will also influence all coins as if centimeters also have a reasonable chance of some developments so.
    this is a very favorable information for bitcoin as well as this will certainly create some good rate.
    movement in bitcoin so no monetary recommendations okay moving further the last information we have is that.
    brazil launches its first environmentally friendly bitcoin etf so brazil like one of the world'' s greatest.
    countries i mean they uh they launched their initial environment-friendly bitcoin etf so for those that don'' t. recognize what etfs are so etfs are exchange traded funds so so the so the objective of these etfs is.
    to uh collectively make investments for people so the name for those for this bitcoin.
    the first cryptocurrency etf is bith11 or we can state bit11 so this.
    news came out on 8th of august as well as this news might be one of the reasons why bitcoin.
    has gotten on an allegorical power one lately so currently they have a brand-new environmentally friendly etf as well as currently.
    allow'' s reviewed several of the information due to the fact that i place'' t reviewed this news yet so i'' m gon na review it along. with you so brother i ' m sorry brazil remains to make progression in creating a brand-new investment.
    possibility associated to cryptocurrencies and they introduced a new etf with an eco-friendly twist.
    so the eco-friendly twist is that this is eco-friendly i put on'' t understand exactly how it is green i ' m gon na review.
    even more and know so so so this etf will be trading under the ticker little bit 11 bit 11 indeed and this will.
    this hashtag nasdaq bitcoin each recommendation price reproduces the performance of the nasdaq bitcoin.
    reference cost index yep that'' s what it is so this etf will certainly give 100 exposure.
    to bitcoin completing versus qr cme cf bitcoin referral.
    price so this bitcoin green etf in brazil will make use of audits by germany'' s crypto. carbon score institute so this project so i'' m sorry so this bitcoin etf will get uh investigated.
    by germany'' s cryptocarbon rankings institute so this is mosting likely to be an expanding crypto ecological community.
    so i'' m not gon na read this whole so i'' ll web link down all these posts below so you can obtain a clear.
    idea of what this news has to do with so i hope you enjoyed this video clip if you like this please be.
    certain to shatter that like button please please please freaking shatter that switch.
    as well as additionally sign up for the channel with that bell alert activated so you never.
    miss a new video clip from me keeping that claimed it'' s your child himanshu signing out i'' ll see in the next.
    one till after that keep learning i'' ll see you later on.

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